Get Fat and Feel good about. Eat Rice Pudding…

First off, I am by no means a food critic because as many would know I will nearly eat anything… as well as try anything. However, what I will not deny are my sweet teeth. I heard about Rice to Rices from Sarah who told me to make a quick stop while I was in SoHo, NYC.

Naturally anything with rice gets me quite excited. I love Afghan rice (by far the best rice in the world) and of course the delicious rice pudding for dessert has always been an amazing choice (very biased opinion).

What I really liked about Rice to Riches is the very modern design in a great area of the city. The layout, the positive affirmations and the various selections allow for anyone to feel good about eating rice pudding. The best part of this concept was the uniqueness of finding a niche dessert and popularizing it. I expect nothing less when I visit NYC. I did sample many of the flavors, which made me quite full before even getting to my own dish. There were some solid flavors (pictures below). Choices of topings were nice, but I am an old school guy who likes his rice puddings plain.

I definitely recommend to get a solo and split it with a friend. However, if you are like me, then get a solo, eat part of it and save the rest for later that night or the next day. You will be craving it.

the final product:

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