A new way to see your desktop…

I saw BumpTop a few months ago and today the Mac version has been finally released. What I am impressed about BumpTop is the creativity in presenting a new way at looking at the traditional desktop. Writing about it will do no justice, so you have to just see the video.

Some quick pros: the 3D feature, organizing your files into piles, the fluid and quick movement of the files- all allows me to be more organized since I always have music, papers/journal articles and folders all over my desktop.

Some quick cons: for some reason after I highlight a couple files, I cannot move them all together (only when you’re viewing one of your walls). However, it works fine for the desktop view. If I organize the files on my wall in 3D I am not able to see all of them when I zoom backout.

I am sure these will be fixed with up grades.

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