Solar Powered Africa-LED Lanterns Lighting the Way…

I have been working hard recently with two friends, Nikhil Arora and Ryan Panchadsaram, to submit a proposal for a competition American Express is hosting in which they are donating $2.5 million to fund global humanitarian projects. The winners of the project are decided largely upon the number of votes and nominations from the public, so we would really appreciate your support as we try to bring solar powered lighting to Sierra Leone. All three of us strongly believe in the idea and would love to use the funding in order to make our project dream come true.


YouTube Video: Solar Powered Africa – LED Lanterns Lighting the Way

Project Team:
Ali Ansary, Nikhil Arora, Ryan Panchadsaram

Project Idea:

Our idea is to provide solar powered LED (Light Emitting Diode) lanterns to rural, war-torn regions of Sierra Leone. LED lights have shown to be a reliable and sustainable source of light with over 50,000 hours of available life. We would like to provide each household in various Sierra Leone villages with a lantern in order to provide light and make up for the lack of infrastructure. With $1.5m, we aim to provide approximately 20,000 lanterns, which could positively affect nearly 100,000 people.

The Problem:

In many underdeveloped nations of the world, finding a light switch that works usually comes as a miracle. Sierra Leone has suffered as being one of the most war-torn nations of the 21st century, and as such, faces serious infrastructure issues that deny many citizens the basic resource of light. Light for centuries has allowed life to become less dependent on the time when the sun is out and has extended the hours of the day to allow families to become more productive.

The Impact:

By introducing a sustainable, solar powered energy model for light, children can read at night, women and men can maintain their responsibilities to the family and community in the evenings, and life no longer remains dependent on non-renewable resources for light. If shown to be successful, we hope that with further funding we can extend this sustainable model of providing light to other under served regions of the world.

Light it up…
Please show your support for this project by getting involved and actually voting. Steps to vote:
1) If you have an AMEX card, go to , click
“Nominate this Project,” and then sign in using your AMEX account info
2) If you DO NOT have an AMEX card:
a. Go to :
and sign up.
b. Then, go to and click “Nominate this

Also, be sure to invite your friends to this facebook group.

If nothing else, we’re trying to create awareness about the issue so it might spark someone else’s imagination and a new, better idea to deal with this issue might emerge.
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